Who are we?

We are an organization that has defended and promoted human rights in Mexico for over 35 years. We seek to contribute to the strengthening of subjects of enforceability and justiciability of human rights. We achieve this through different actions such as training, advocacy, legal defense, research and communication strategies.

Our vision is to contribute comprehensively to the initiatives and movements that demand justice in cases of human rights violations in the country, as well as the defense of political participation in democratic spaces, from a critic, analytic and proactive position.

Our team

We are currently a team of 20 people working in the organization and with our various skills and knowledge we collaborate in the different actions that we conduct. All our work takes into account an intergenerational view. Since most of us are young human rights defenders this view has great significance in all our actions.

Who do we work with?

We work with vulnerable and discriminated groups across Mexico, such as young human rights defenders, indigenous communities, victims of femicide, women collectives, social movements and victims of serious violations of human rights among others.

In every action our relationship with other actors is a key element that helps us achieve a greater impact. This is why we work alongside other NGOs, academics, universities, groups and networks, combining our experience to contribute to the elimination of human rights violations.

What concrete actions are we currently taking?

We currently run the “School for Young Human Rights Defenders” (Escuela para Personas Jóvenes Defensoras de Derechos Humanos), in which after 18 years more than 600 young people from different states have shared their experiences in human rights defense and acquired a variety of tools to help them accomplish their advocacy and social actions.

We are one of the organizations that requested the Alert Mechanism for Gender Violence against Women (AVGM), considered to be the only one of its kind in the world, in Mexico City.This mechanism seeks to guarantee the safety of women and girls, as well as the elimination of violence against them. We also give support to women and survivors of human rights violations based on their gender.

Although our offices are located in Mexico City, we collaborate with different movements and social groups in the center and south region of the country. Working together we develop and implement actions that aim to have an impact at regional and international level. Some examples of this are the presentation of a number of cases before the Inter-American System, and the development of international advocacy strategies in collaboration with Dominicans for Justice and Peace to submit reports and oral statements to the Human Rights Council.


For 36 years, we have worked to create a more just,

dignified and peaceful world.